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"The story goes like this – KUTX Eklektikos host John Aielli himself admitted he fell in love with the music of Shane Cooley one summer when he heard his music at a local coffee shop. Aielli was captivated. “I’ve worked in radio since 1963, and over the years I’ve learned to recognize talent,” he said recently. “There was something in his sound that made me want to listen…” There’s proof positive to this testimonial with Cooley’s release of Kings Highway, an album rich in roots, Americana, a bit of rock and eclectic touches of pop."

~Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Austin Music Minute

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With Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child

at 2017 Utopiafest

Excited to open for Wild Child at their 2018 Houston album release show in Houston at the Heights Theater.

With Grace Park of The Deer

at 2017 Utopiafest

HAAM benefit in 2017.

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Each year the SXSW Music Festival hosts a

curated mix of artists performing in bars,

clubs, parks, churches, hotels, and more in

Austin, Texas. This year’s festival will take

place March 12-18.


Not limited in genre or regional focus,

audiences can enjoy a variety of musical

styles at SXSW. At the 2017 edition, new,

developing, and established Showcasing

Artists from 63 countries were represented

amongst the 2,000-plus official performers.

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2017 is a milestone year for SXSW in a different sense: After a decade of competitive corporate-sponsored expansion, the Austin festival is finally scaling back a touch this year. And that's hardly a bad thing: SXSW was originally about spotlighting up-and-coming talent, so cutting back on secret concerts from A-listers and showcases sponsored by brand-name products could help SXSW regain some of its cool cache.


7:33 p.m. -- Singer-songwriter Shane Cooley's

Americana-influenced songs are right out of the

Head and the Heart's playbook, which means --

like that Pacific Northwest band -- he's one hit

away from radio stardom. On the back porch of

the Rainey Street venue Icenhauers, he proved

he may in fact have that song in him, playing

through tunes from his most recent release, King's Highway, with a hungry confidence that may prove his hip-shaking ways will soon be making their way to bigger stages. -- JM


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The Lone Star Music and KOKE FM “Dillo Mixer” at Threadgill’s (301 West Riverside Drive).

3/17/17: Shane Cooley & the Midnight Girls (5:10 – 5:40 p.m.)

Originally from rural Virginia, singer-songwriter Shane Cooley has made quite an impression on the Live Music Capital of the World since moving to Austin a few short years ago. No less an authority on the local scene than John Aielle, host of KUTX’s “Eklektikos,” has been one of his biggest fans ever since he first heard Cooley in a coffee shop, enthusing “I love his voice. It makes you listen.” There’s been no shortage of additional rave reviews since then, especially since the release of Cooley’s seventh album, 2015’s exquisite Kings Highway. The Austin Chronicle deemed him “a substantial songsmith,” which is if anything an understatement, and he’s no slouch of an invigorating live performer, to boot — especially armed with a full band.





It’s one of those defining moments in radio – more specifically, Austin radio, when a broadcasting legend declares love for your voice and follows that with, “It makes you listen.” KUTX’s very own John Aielli said this about Austin-based songwriter Shane Cooley. You’ll hear that unique cadence working its magic on the folk/rock/pop story-weaving of Kings Highway.Cooley has recently been putting the final touches on a new acoustic album, Quiet Storms, set for release this year. Some of it was recorded on a three mile island just off the coast of Belize, and includes tracks accumulated from more than ten years’ worth of songwriting.


-From KUTX 98.9 FM website

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On September 12th, 2017 Shane participated in the benefit

HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians) held at the

Austin Airport. HAAM Benefit Day brings all of Austin

together each year to sing praise for keeping our musicians

alive and well. Austin businesses and music venues host

over 200 performances from local musicians all over the city

and donate a portion of their daily sales to support HAAM.





IN DECADES of column writing, I’ve done a handful of pieces about people brave enough to take chances and follow their dreams, despite the difficulties that presents. None of them have been more dedicated than Shane Cooley, a Northern Neck singer, musician and songwriter who started performing years before he could drive.


I’m glad to report that Cooley is still at it, these days thriving in what he calls the amazingly music-friendly city of Austin, Texas. He hasn’t hit the big time yet, though he’s done tours of the East Coast, West Coast, Europe and many places in between. He’s had tough times, eaten his share of instant noodles and slept on many a couch.


Like many musicians, the artist whose genre is best described as Americana has performed and toured in bands, been a solo act and just about everything in between. He favors shoulder-length locks, a well-worn acoustic guitar, funky hats and the chance to perform his own music, and he’s been known to play concerts that stretch out to as long as four hours.


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