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December 20th - Shane visited the Farnham Baptist Church to watch his good friend, Kendall Ashton, in the dress rehearsal for the church's annual Christmas play .   The hard work paid off and they all did a wonderful job.   Unable to attend the actual play, the dress rehearsal enabled Shane to get in the mood of the true Christmas spirit.   Bravo!
Shane with Kendall and the children that performed in the Christmas play. Shane with pretty Kendall after the Farnham Baptist Christmas play rehearsal.

December 10th - Shane played once again at Anna's Italian Restaurant and Lounge in Warsaw, Virginia.   This was the first he had performed here since they re-opened the lounge for entertainment.   Shane's local fan-base showed up early and stayed late as they applauded old and new songs alike!   Shane played all of the songs off his upcoming CD, Flying Naked and he brought back some of his - oldies but of course goodies - tunes.   Kendall Ashton, a special guest performer, sand Thank You For It All as a duet with Shane.   Shane and Cleveland Winfield gave an awesome performance with their dramatic acoustic/spoken word/hip hop creation of My Nubian Dime (Cleveland Winfield) and Savior (Shane Cooley).   Jack Cooley, Shane's dad, made a special appearance and he sang a song with Shane to the delight of many.   Kudos to all of my family, friends and fans that came out for this performance!
Shane Cooley at Anna's Lounge.    Shane performing in Warsaw, VA.    Shane Cooley.
Kendall and Shane singing Thank U 4 It All. Cleveland Winfield and Shane performing together.
Friends and classmates from Rappahannock High School. A view from the back towards the stage.
Jack Cooley and Shane performing a song. Shane having fun with the audience.
Shane with Sarah and Kate. Shane with Cleveland Winfield.
Shane with Fei, Aimee and Danni. Shane with Kendall Ashton and her mom.

December 6th - Shane was back in Richmond for the annual Lite98 Christmas celebration.   He was invited to perform some of his original Christmas songs live on the air with popular D.J. Bill Bevins .
Shane with DJ Bill Bevins and Shelly Perkins of Lite98. Shane doing a live interview with Bill Bevins.
Shane playing live on Lite98 radio in Richmond. Shane at Lite98 Radio - on the air.
Shane with Straughan and Jack.

December 4th - Shane delivered 650 donated CDs from the Shane Cooley CD Drive for the WRAR 105.5 Christmas Wishes Program. The annual Christmas Wishes Program is lead by DJs Rich Morgan and Betty Osbourne. of WRAR Radio in Tappahannock, VA.   Thanks to everyone that donated CDs!
Shane taking in boxes of CDs - his total was 650!. Shane with Betty Osbourne and Rich Morgan at WRAR.

December 3rd - Shane did a live radio show on WRIR 97.3, Indie Radio, with D.J. Scott Burger in Richmond, VA. Shane sang 5 songs from his upcoming CD, Flying Naked.
Shane with DJ Scott Burger at WRIR. Shane doing a live interview to promote his new CD.
Shane playing on WRIR radio.Shane with Spider, Adam, Sarah, Amy and Jack in front of WRIR.


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November 25 & 26th, 2005 - Shane Goes To New York City....
Shane and his "team" went to New York City to supervise the mastering of his upcoming CD, Flying Naked.   Shane did all the work, while the team went sightseeing!   Fred Kevorkian worked with Shane on the final stage of the 10 song CD...and he perfected the overall sound to produce a quality sound to the entire CD.   While in NYC, Shane was filmed by a crew for an upcoming project with Indigo TV.   More about that will be announced soon!   The trip to the city was very successful and the new Flying Naked CD is a masterpiece!   Shane was "glad to be in the city this weekend"!
Shane outside Avatar Studios ready to work with Fred Kevorkian.    Shane with Fred Kevorkian.
Shane watching as Fred masters the CD.    Shane with Indigo producers.
Shane being filmed in Times Square.    Shane with Indigo producers.
Shane with team member - Pat.    Shane wants to be in the city tonight!     Shane with team member - Cindy.
aaahhh - I think it's time to leave the city!

November 18th, 2005 - Shane was at the WRAR 105.5 FM radio station to talk about the Shane Cooley CD Drive and the WRAR Christmas Wishes Program .   He did an on-air spot with the "Fun Bunch", Rich Morgan, Betty Osborne and Jon Stallard, to promote this wonderful cause.   Don't forget to get in your gift of CDs by December 1st!
Shane with the Fun Bunch of WRAR:  Rich Morgan, Betty Osborne and Jon Stallard

November 3rd, 2005 - Shane co-emceed Lyrics Out Loud with his friend and classmate, Danni, at Rappahannock High School.   Shane performed his song, Don't Want To Be In The City Tonight in front of classmates, teachers and their families.   Under the direction of teacher, Mr. Winfield, the first time event was a huge success and many students read poems and sang songs.
Shane and Danni.    Shane singing Don't Want To Be In The City Tonight.
Shane performing at Lyrics Out Loud.    The students that organized Lyrics Out Loud with Mr. Winfield along with Danni's little brother who inspired her heartfelt poem.


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September 30th thru October 2nd - Shane spent the weekend at The College of William and Mary for the High School Seniors Leadership Award Conference.   Shane was honored to received the award last May.   The weekend was filled with interesting leadership workshops and social activites - including Busch Gardens, a Ghost Tour in Colonial Williamsburg and a variety of entertainment including Shane singing a few of his songs!   Shane had a great time with host and roomies, Kyle, Derek and Mark.
"It was a fun weekend all around and I made some great new friends in the process" - Shane.
Shane with roomies Derek, Kyle and Mark. Shane made lots of new friends! And they really enjoyed his musical performance.
Shane performing one of his original songs on stage at the William and Mary Leadership Conference.


September 25th - Shane was interviewed and performed live on Sunrise on Sundays, BobFm 93.7 out of Norfolk, Virginia with the one and only Hunter Hughes.  The radio station is located on top of the Dominion Tower overlooking the harbor and the cruise ships.   The one hour show was a success and Shane performed several of his original songs to the likes of Hunter and his radio listeners.
Shane with Sunrise On Sundays host, Hunter Hughes. Shane and Hunter in the studio - live! Check out the view behind Shane.
Shane live on the air.    Shane, after the show, leaving the tower.
Shane at the BobFM Radio station. Shane outside the impressive Dominion Tower - BobFM is on the top floor.

September 24th - Between "gigs" Shane caught the performance of Ben Taylor, fellow singer/songwriter as well as talented son of Carly Simon and James Taylor.  Ben was giving a special concert at The Coffee Beanery in Williamsburg, Virginia while promoting his new CD titled "Another Run Around The Sun" .   Check out Ben and his music at www.bentaylorband.com or catch him onstage at The 9:30 Club in Washington, DC on October 17th, where he is opening for Tracey Chapman.   Also, check the October Rolling Stone issue (page 43) for a pic of Ben singing with his Dad, James.   Besides all that talent, Ben is a heck of a nice guy!
Shane watching Ben Taylor on stage. Shane and Ben outside The Coffee Beanery in Williamsburg.
Ben signs Shane's guitar. Shane looks on as Ben signs his Another Run Around The Sun CD.

September 23rd - Shane was glad to be back at Aroma's in Williamsburg, Virginia for his third performance.   Always a pleasure to play where the atmosphere is relaxed and the "aroma" is the sweet smells of coffee beans.   And right outside the door is all the action of Merchant's Square and Colonial Williamsburg.
Shane Cooley at Aroma's. Shane signing at Aroma's in Williamsburg.
Shane playing his guitar for the coffee crowd. Shane outside on the patio at Aroma's.

September 10th - Shane made his second appearance at The Toliver House Restaurant and Lounge in "trendy" downtown Gordonsville, VA - near Charlottesville.   It was fun to play again in this beautifully restored century old house recently turned restaurant.   And it's always a bonus to play.... where there is great food!
Shane performing on the porch at Tolivers.
Shane singing at the Toliver House Restaurant. A very pleasant surprise - The Rappahannock Rescuers made the trip for the show!

September 3rd - Shane ROCKS Lively, Virginia!   He performed at the Upper Lancaster Volunteer Fireman's Festival - his hometown.   Shane was happy to participate in the annual event that attracts locals and visitors alike.
Shane performing in Lively, VA.    Shane with his drumming student and cool friend, Justin.
Shane at the Upper Lancaster Volunteer Fireman's Festival. Shane with DJs Tom Davis and Betty Osborne of Radio WRAR 105.5..
Kendall and Lexi greet Shane with some awesome posters that they made! Kendall and Alicia can't help but to dance to Shane's music!
Shane with some new fans from Baltimore. Shane's music attracts fans of ALL ages.
Shane with friends from Richmond, Justin and Melissa.


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August 20th - Shane turns 18!   Congrats!   After a week of recording, Shane took it easy at his home in Virginia with family and friends.   He was touched by the book of messages from family, friends and fans that Kendall Ashton put together for him.   "Thanks to all for the wonderful support and messages!   That book rocks!"
Shane with friend and Fan  Club Webmaster, Kendall. Sarah, Kyle, Amy, Kendall and Shane .
Shane on his 18th birthday. Spread the word! - You might sight a bumper sticker.

August 11th - 19th - Shane took off on a journey for the recording of his next CD.   He had an incredible experience working side by side with Stewart Myers, who has also worked with Jason Mraz and Lifehouse.   The 10 cut CD features Shane's songwriting skills.   Shane does all the vocals and plays acoustic and electric guitars as well as harmonica.   Professional musicians (geniuses as Shane described them) were brought in to record the drums (Brian Jones), bass guitar (Stewart Myers) , keyboard/piano (Daniel Clarke) and B3 organ (Steve Bassett).  This CD will consist of a combination of acoustic songs and full band - totally rockin' - songs.   Stay tuned for updates on this work in progress.   Much time, care and devotion is being put into this labor of love!   Inside Info...the rough cuts already sound awesome!
Shane at the studio. Shane recording with amazing Brian Jones.
Shane and Stewart, Stewart recording his bass guitar. Shane and Stewart in the recording process.
Shane recording his acoustic guitar. Shane at the studio.
Shane rocking with the bass guitar.    Daniel Clarke, awesome keyboardist and pianist.

August 13th - Shane picked up a last minute gig while visiting Gordonsville, Virginia.   He played at The Toliver House Restaurant & Lounge on Main Street and a warm, inviting crowd it was.   Thanks to John for the gig and to Vicky and all for being so supportive!   The food is awesome here - make sure you drop by.
Pardon the soaked shirt in the photos - it was a wee bit warm out on the porch after a 100 degree day!
The front of Toliver House Restaurant on Main Street in Gordonsville.      A beautiful place and charming atmosphere.
Shane performed a 2 1/2 hour Up Close and Personal show on the charming screened porch - also the reason for his wet shirt!   Shane with Toliver's owner, John.   Shane with local resident, Bob.
Shane performing. Shane found support and alot of nice people in Gordonsville.

August 3rd at 6pm - Shane did an in-store promo concert at Birdland Music in Virginia Beach before his BeachEvents concert.   His CD, Me, Myself and You is for sale at the store.
In store Me, Myself and You CD promo concert.

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August 3rd at 8:30pm - Shane rocked them off their flip-flops at the Virginia Beach BeachEvents Concert at the 17th Street Pavilion.   The perfect summer event - a beach concert!   BeachEvents is a Cellar Door Productions, Clear Channel and Disney Radio sponsored event and they do a great job of getting it together for the summer crowds.   And it was a big, ethusiastic crowd that cheered on Shane and took the time afterwards for photos and to buy his Me, Myself and You CD.   Hey...thanks to all of you in that fun crowd.   The evening could of ended in disaster if it hadn't been for the good deeds of Yio and Steve from the KISS ARMY band, a KISS tribute band that tours internationally.   The beloved Band Van had failed to start but they took their time to get parts and fix it!   A million thanks to you guys!
Yio saved the day for Jack and Shane - thanks to Yio and Steve for helping Jack fix the Band Van!  Yio is in the KISS ARMY band, a KISS tribute band and a heck of a nice guy.
The sign at 17th Street - cool huh?. Waiting to set up - wow what a view, yes that is the ocean!
This is what I'm talking about, have guitar - will travel! Shane with his friend and fellow Rappahannock High student, Adam.
The guys setting up for the concert. The view from backstage.
Good evening - let the show begin! Shane brings it on.
Front row seats! No lawn chair?  Find a better seat!
We like this one! Good show man!
Fans... fans...
fans... fans...
fans... fans...
fan... fan...
little fans   little fans    happy fan...
What a fun show!      And fireworks to end the perfect summer night.


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July 30th - Shane is in the process of getting ready for his next CD - yes that's right - another CD... already!   This time he has the opportunity to work with and be recorded by professional music producers, Chris Keup and Stewart Myers.   They have worked with the likes of Jason Mraz and Lifehouse.   In their first meeting, Shane and Chris picked out the songs for the new CD, many are brand new songs that Shane recently wrote and some are old favorites like "Day-Lily".   Stayed tuned for updates!
Chris Keup and Shane Cooley.

July 29th - Shane was back again at Aroma's Coffee House in Williamsburg, Virgina and he was greeted by many new and old fans!   Former band member and djembe drummer, Spider Cole, arrived with his family. Spider and former drummer, Jack Cooley, happily kept beat on the tables of Aroma's as Shane played both old favorites and several of his new songs.  And the Webmaster of his Fan Club site, Kendall Ashton, was there with her family.   Shane called Kendall up to sing Thank You For It All with him and she did a beautiful job.   Check out her great site at Shane Cooley Online , Kendall has alot of information and many photos that are different than this site.
Shane started it off with a brand new song, Brand New Day. The fans are happy!.
After seeing Shane at Aromas in June, Kat from Smith College, came back for more.  Thanks Kat! Jack, Shane, Spider, Dorene, Sarah, Cindy.
Hey group! Smile. The Ashton family was there - Happy Birthday to Kyle on August 3rd!
Shane playing at Aroma's. Jack Cooley and Spider Cole drumming to the music - put me back in the band!.
Shane Cooley.         Shane singing one of his songs.
Shane and Kendall singing Thank You For It all. Kendall's mom and dad - great people!
Shane with his buddy and fellow Rappahannock High senior,  Amy.   Kendall with her brother, Kyle.    Shane help his grandmother, Willie, celebrate her birthday at Aromas.

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July 14th - Shane performed at The Mellow Mushroom in Charleston, South Carolina.   He first discovered this cool place a couple years ago but it was last year that the cafe inspired his 2004 song, Dark Cafe In Charleston.  The crowd upstairs in the cafe/bar had a great time and were up and dancing by the last set.   Thanks to the staff who really made it fun to play here! .
Shane with Alicia and her cousins at Bubba Gumps in Charleston before his gig.
The Mellow Mushroom in Charleston. Shane performing at The Mellow Mushroom.
Shane Cooley.   Shane singing one of his songs.   Shane playing the guitar.
Shane had them dancing at The Mellow Mushroom in Charleston. Dancing to It's Fun To Miss You.
Shane singing at the cafe.Shane and Alicia singing Dark Cafe In Charleston.

July 12th - Shane finally made it to Panama City Beach after Hurricane Dennis blew by.   The prospect of playing at Hook's Grog and Grille atThe Treasure Ship was looking very remote but luckily for all, the area was mostly spared by Dennis - the category 3 hurricane that hit 60 miles to the west.   The beautiful white beaches of PCB suffered erosion due to the high water surge and The Treasure Ship suffered some structural damage when a water spout sideswiped it.   But thanks to the wonderful staff at The Treasure Ship and thanks to the wonderful musical duo, The Acoustix, the show went on and Shane played an entire set from 7-8pm.   And that was awesome!   Shane made some new great fans and enjoyed chatting with them.   Thank you Dallas Griffin and Brian Smith for your incredible hospitality!
Visit their new Web site at The Acoustix .
Shane with puppy Dennis who was born during the hurricane.   The Treasure Ship and the damage from the water spout.
Shane with Dallas and Brian aka The Acoustix. Dallas Griffin and Brian Smith.
Dallas and Brian are excellent musicians! Shane performed Southern Cross with The Acoustix.
Shane sang a set of his own songs.   The stage is next to the marina on St. Andrews Bay.   Shane performing at Hook's Grog and Grille on The Treasure Ship .
PCB residents, Grace, Lou, Linda and Dick with Shane. Newly aquired fans - and fellow music lovers.
Shane met some cool kids at The Treasure Ship. These handsome guys and cute little sister posed with Shane after hearing him sing Dark Cafe In Charleston.

July 6th - Shane was back at Kelly's Backstage Tavern in Norfolk, Virgina. Kelly's is located next door to The Norva, which is a top notch venue for musicians.   Shane performed an Up Close and Personal concert that showcased all of his own self written songs.
Shane Cooley at Kelley's in Norfolk. Shane before the show in Kelley's Backstage Tavern.
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