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June 30th - Shane recorded his first radio commercial at WRAR 105.5 in Tappahannock. Shane with Jay Davis at WRAR Radio 105.5 in Tappahannock, Virginia.

June 29th - Shane and best friend, Michelle, pose their new CLIMB t-shirts at the George Washington Birthplace Memorial along the Potomac River in the Northern Neck of Virginia.
Michelle is soon off to base camp and will be missed by Shane and we all wish her the best!
Shane and best friend, Michelle, posing their CLIMB t-shirts. Shane and Michelle at the George Washington Birthplace Memorial Park.
Later, Shane and Michelle met up with their friends from the Fairfax Environthon at The Westmoreland Berry Farm, also in The Northern Neck.
Shane, Joann, Michelle, Casey, Mike and Eileen. Shane and friends being berry goofy at the Westmoreland Berry Farm!

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June 25th & 26th - Shane and Jack made a working vacation when in Ocracoke, North Carolina.   They played at the Jolly Roger Pub and Marina on both days from noon until 4pm.   The Jolly Roger is an outdoor restaurant and bar that overlooks the Silver Lake Harbor and it was filled to capacity which presented a brand new audience for the Cooleys.  The crowd got into their music and Shane was happy to sell many CD's to both vacationers and locals.  Ocracoke is an island at the very end of Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks and the only way to get to it is by boat or the free ferry!  It's most notorious visitor was Blackbeard the pirate, alias Edward Teach, who hung out during the 18th century around Ocracoke Inlet .   Silver Lake Harbor is also known as Teach's Hole and the island is full of pirate history and lore.
Also, during the evening, Shane performed at the Pelican Restaurant and Pub with his friends, Marcy and Lou, from the talented duo, Coyote.   Shane had met them last year when visiting the island and they were very generous then and now in sharing the stage with him.  Thanks guys!
The Jolly Roger Pub and Marina on Silver Lake Harbor. Shane at the Jolly Roger before showtime!.
Shane and Jack performing at the Jolly Roger in Ocracoke, North Carolina.      Shane performed with duo, Coyote at the Pelican Restauant on Ocracoke Island.

June 19th - The Shane Cooley Band rocked Warsaw once again for their 4th performance at Anna's Italian Restaurant and Lounge!  A fun crowd showed up on this warm summer night to catch their favorite Shane Cooley tunes.   Fans shouted out for one of his new songs off of the CLIMB CD, She Woke Up or as it is placed on the CD lineup, #6!   Singer, songwriter and musician, Steve Bassett dropped by to listen to The Shane Cooley Band and some of Shane's original songs and he seemed impressed with an capital ISteve is co-writer of the well-known song, Sweet Virginia BreezeSteve had been performing in nearby Tappahannock at the RivahFest and during his show he made an announcement to catch local musician, Shane, at Anna's that night.   Shane has got some generous people in his corner!   Thanks Steve!
Shane surprised fan and friend, Kendall by asking her to join him to sing, "Thank U 4 It All" at the end of the night.   Kendall did a great job and knew all the words by heart as she does with most of his songs.   She even kept it together, as well did the rest of the band, when Shane walked out the door of Anna's still playing his guitar!. Kendal was surprised when Shane invited her up to sing with him.
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Jim, Shane, Jack and Spider at Anna's on June 19th. Spider, Steve Bassett, Jack, Shane, Jim during a break.
Shane strumming it up.      Shane good friend, Danni.
Shane on a walkabout out on the floor. Best friend, Michelle, helps out as she strums the guitar with the pick.       Shane keeps the fun going with Tiffany and gets more help strumming.
Shane testing out his new cordless guitar. Oh the freedom that it brings him - watch out!       Shane really gets into the song.

June 13th - Graduation at Rappahannock High School.   Shane Cooley Band drummer and by-the-way, Principal, Jack Cooley, gave an inspiring speech to the 2004 grads.   He ended the ceremonies with "Rock On".  Now that's a Cool-ey Principal!   Former RHS grad and NBA Player, Cal Bowdler came to the graduation. Cal's been super to Shane and has shown much interest in his music.   Thanks Cal! Shane with friend, Cal Bowdler.

June 12th - The band goes to Innsbrook After Dark in Richmond to attend the Jonny Lang concert and Shane was able to personally give him his Climb CD!   Innsbrook is an outdoor venue - terrific stage for the performers - lawn chairs rain or shine for the audience.   It's a great place to catch some great acts and be able to see them up close.   Shane is hoping to open for one of the acts this summer! Shane with Jonny Lang, Spider and Jack after the concert.

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June 5th - The Shane Cooley Band played at Marker20 in Hampton, Virginia during the annual Blackbeards Festival.   It was a kinda last minute gig, as they were called to fill in for a band that had cancelled.   Shane was called in because of the Demo CD that had been sent to Marker20 and they liked what they heard!   Substitute bassist, David Parr , filled in for Jim Gallon and he can't be thanked enough. East Queens Way was closed off for the festival which allowed for a huge crowd.  The spacious deck, The Bunch of Grapes Tavern was standing room only for most of the night as the band rocked Hampton!   AWESOME!   All the tables were filled, bench seating full and not much room left for the standing crowd.   Now, that was great news for Shane and the band!   Hampton ROCKS!
Spider, Shane and Jack at Marker20. Check out the arched handbuilt deck cover at Marker20.  Awesome.
Shane rocks on with his electric guitar.      Shane and David, substitute Bass guitarist and much thanked!.
Blondes do have more fun - at Shane Cooley concerts!.       The sign out front at Marker20 in Hampton, Virginia.

June 1st - Shane and bass guitarist and substitute teacher, Jim Gallon, played at the Rappahannock High School Music Program in the school gym, home of the Raiders.   Donald Nicodemus was the founder of the program that was started at the school in 1949.
Shane performing at his high school.       Shane with Donald Nicodemus who started the music program at Rappahannock High School.


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May 29th - The Shane Cooley Band plus one performed at the Grand Opening of The Boathouse Cafe in Deltaville, Virginia.  Jack was still not up to drumming, due to back surgery, so he took on the congas and substitute drummer, Will Rogers, filled in for Jack.  An absolutely picture perfect day was a great backdrop for this gig.   But...what would they of done if it had rained?  Not to worry, luck was with the band!
The Shane Cooley Band plus one: Spider, Shane, Jim, Jack and on drums - out of the photo, Will Rogers. A group of interested fans!.
Spider and Jim on a walkabout playing the djembe and bass guitar.  Roving Musicians.  Go get em' boys!

May 15th - Shane and the band wowed em' at the Grand Opening of the Moratico Waterfront Museum in Moratico, Virginia on the beautiful Rappahannock River.   The sold out Pig Roast was held on one of the prettiest days in May and a great day to be playing music outside!   The band was missing Jack, due to his recent back surgery but they went ahead without him - just Shane, Jim and Spider who provided the beat with the Djembe.   A few new fans were won over by some that seemed a little more interested in "oldies" at first.   Afterall, to Shane - "oldies" are the 1990's!   After a few good ol' Jimmy Buffett tunes, the crowd welcomed Shane's original songs such as Day-Lily and Positive Reinforcement and they were yelling for more and buying CD's!   And the food was good too!   New friend and Fredericksburg reporter, Rob Hedelt, came to do a story for The Freelance Star.   Rob did a story a year ago that featured Shane as the reporter followed him around for the day going from a radio interview to school.   COOL!
The Shane Cooley Band minus one: Shane, Spider, Jim. The band at the Moratico Pig Roast and Grand Opening for the Waterfront Museum.
The band played against the backdrop of the Waterfront Museum, the Rappahannock River is in the background. Fans young and old enjoyed the show.
The band greeted reporter,Rob Hedelt, 2nd from the right, who was covering the opening for The Fredericksburg Freelance Star.  Looks like Shane fogged up the lens! Some of The Shane Cooley Band followers made it for this gig too!.
The historic Moratico Museum.  Shane looking good!  David came all the way from Buffalo to see the band!.

May 1st, The Shane Cooley Band once again rocked Anna's Italian Restaurant and Lounge in Warsaw.   Their third appearance brought in fans and friends and welcomed some new faces too!   Thanks to all of those that came and stayed - you are awesome!  Thanks to Beaulah for putting Shane's CDs for sale in her beauty shop!  And thanks to Kendall and family for dressing in style and wearing their Hawaiian Shirts to show their affection for Shane's song, Hawaiian Shirt, you rock.
The Shane Cooley Band: Jim, Shane, Jack, Spider. Shane, Jack and Spider.
Jim on bass and Shane on lead. Friend, Danni strums it up with Shane.
Shane with Kyle, Kendall and their Mom.  Kendall has put a fan-site online for Shane - go see it! Only his hair stylist knows for sure...Shane and Beaulah, hairdresser and school bus driver.


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On April 24th, The Shane Cooley Band performed at the Relay for Life Walkathon at Essex High School in Tappahhannock, Virginia.   A lineup of 4 bands filled the beautiful day with music, all for a great cause!
Shane rocked on stage and even made the jump off it during a song!. Bass Guitarist, Wayne - Bassman - Robinson, performed with his band, The New Singing Disciples.
The band setting up for the Walkathon concert. Shane signing his autograph for some new fans.
Shane and his friend, Leroy. After the show, Shane has a line of autograph seekers - cool!

April 23rd - Rappahannock High Prom Night
The Shane Cooley Band goes to Prom?  Not quite, but Shane went to Prom while the others looked on...
Principal Cooley and Mr. Gallon helped to chaperone the dance.
Shane with good friend Tiffany - you guys are lookin' good!. Bass Guitarist and Substitute Teacher, Jim Gallon with Senior student, Ashley - also looking good!.
 Drummer and School Principal, Jack Cooley with Assistant Principal, Mark Maybe - looking real good.

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On April 17th, The Shane Cooley Band took over Urbanna and rocked the night away at Cafe Mojo!    The fans cheered them on, lipped the words to Shane's own songs and they danced and danced the night away.  It was great to see members of the band, Sweet Justice, drop in and listen to a couple sets as well as other Urbanna locals including some staff from The Boathouse Cafe.
The Shane Cooley Band at Cafe Mojo in Urbanna. Jack and Shane - guitar duo.
Shane comes out onto the floor for some fancy work.Members from the band, Sweet Justice look on. And the band got em up and dancing!.
Dorene and Mitch - let's rock! With fans and new friends, Ashley and Joanna.

Shane and Jazz Guitarist, Jacob Moore of Richmond, outside of The Boathouse Cafe.
 Jacob Moore with Shane Cooley in 2004.

Shane met with individual Acoustic Guitarists, Faron and Kelly, at Ferebee's in Tappahannock, Virginia. Shane played some of his original songs in-between their sets through the generous good will of both Faron and Kelly.
Much thanks to both!
Shane with Acoustic Guitarist, Faron, in 2004.     Shane with Kelly, Acoustic Guitarist, in 2004

The Virginia District Envirothon CHAMPS from Rappahannock High School at Belle Isle State Park.
Brandi, Tony, Esmerelda, Michelle, Mrs. Settle - School Sponser, Shane, Teresa - Head of the Competition.
 The 2004 Champs of the District Envirothon.

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FANS  -  FANS  -  FANS  -   -   Everywhere A Fan!
March 31st - Shane Cooley fans were spotted in the Caribbean!  Cooley fans on vacation at the beautiful Magen's Bay on St. Thomas Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Magen's Bay has been voted as one of the 10 top most beautiful beaches in the world. It MUST be time for summertime and time to start playing that Hawaiian Shirt CD again! "C'mon Mon, Be Happy! I was just thinking the other day, I need a new Hawaiian Shirt."
March 31st - A Shane Cooley fan was spotted with her Endless Summer Shane Cooley t-shirt on!Pat, Cindy and Lynn pose with the beautiful Magen's Bay behind them.  Hey, Mon play dat Cooley music.

The State National Beta Club Convention ws held on March 26th-28th in Richmond, Virginia. Shane participated in and place 2nd in the Talent Competition in front of 1,000 Beta Club members.
 Shane performing on stage for the Beta Club Talent Competition.      Shane accepting the 2nd Place plaque from the Beta Club Vice President.
The 2004 Beta Club of Rappahannock High School.
 The 2004 Beta Club.

The second Up Close & Personal concert on March 18th, at Rappahannock Community College Warsaw Campus was an event not to missed!   Shane and the band gave their usual 100% for an hour and a half of great Cooley music.   Shane performed fav's - Positive Reinforcement, Day-Lily, Affection, Isabel and Hawaiian Shirt,as well as some of his more recent songs - Lawn Ornament, Cardboard Throne and Human I Can Be.  Near the end of the show, a special guest arrived, "Bassman" - Wayne Robinson.  "Bassman" performed on Shane's Positive Reinforcement album and as a special treat , Shane asked "Bassman" to perform an encore with the band and they all jammed on Positive Reinforcement.                                        Read About Bassman.
Thanks to all of my friends and teachers that attended this show, your presence was appreciated! And thanks to Rappahannock Community College for this great opportunity.  ~Shane
Shane strumming his acoustic guitar at the RCC Warsaw Campus.  Shane and Jack Cooley in-guitar-sync.  Bassman Robinson, special guest.
The Shane Cooley Band at Rappahannock Community College in Warsaw. Jim on Bass guitar, Jack on Percussions, Shane on Acoustic Guitar, Spider on Djembe

Shane met the members of the band, Mercy Creek, who were also nominated for the Virginia Music Awards.  He really enjoyed their music and both are quite talented.   AND they were nice enough to invite Shane up to sing one of his own songs!   Now that is hospitality!
Shane with the members of Mercy Creek at one of their gigs in Urbanna.
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On March 10th, Shane sang his heart out at The Boathouse Cafe Idol (Talent Show).  He gave an AWESOME performance and truly wowed the audience.  Congrats go out to Jeannie Reynolds. 

"Thanks to all those who came up to me after the contest - your words of praise meant alot." ~Shane
Shane singing on stage at The Boathouse Cafe. Shane signs autographs after the show.  Everyone was truly nice to him!
Shane found some great new fans at The Boathouse Cafe!
Shane showed his guitar skills.  Shane with one of the great Boathouse Cafe waitresses.   Shane singing for the full house crowd at the Boathouse Cafe.
On March 3rd, Shane won the semi-final round of the Boathouse Cafe Talent Show.  Shane had to hurry over to Urbanna from his concert at the RCC Glenns Campus but he had no trouble capturing the attention of the audience.  He comes back next week to compete in the finals!  Come on out and cheer him on!
Shane singing Postive Reinforcment on the stage at The Boathouse Cafe. Shane's band and family came to cheer him on.

On March 3rd, Shane gave an hour and a half "knock-out" performance in the Lecture Hall on the Glenns Campus of Rappahannock Community College. Shane performed solo and with his band, The Shane Cooley Band.
Shane with Glen Courtney of RCC. Shane performing in the Lecture Hall.
The Shane Cooley Band. Shane and Jack playing a guitar duo.


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On the last weekend in February, Shane attended the Envirothon Training at Montebello, near The Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. While there, he made some new friends from Fairfax County.
Shane's new friends and fans from Fairfax County, Virginia

On February 22nd, Shane attended the Virginia Music Awards in Virginia Beach, held at The Beach House.   He was nominated for Best Acoustic/Folk Artist of the year.
Shane with Jeff Maisey, Ninevolt Magazine Managing Editor. Shane outside The Beach House in Virginia Beach.

On February 18th, Shane won his category at the Boathouse Cafe Talent Show in Urbanna, Virginia.
Shane singing at the Boathouse Cafe. Shane's band and their families came out to support him.
Shane won his category at the Boathouse Cafe Talent Show.


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Wow! A full house at Anna's Italian Restaurant and Lounge on January 31st, really made this gig special for all in the band.    Thanks to the many fans and family that showed up - you all rock!
The Shane Cooley Band performing at Anna's Lounge in Warsaw, Virginia on January 31st. Shane and bass guitarist, Jim Gallon.
Jim takes over the vocals and Shane is on bass. Many of Shane's classmates were there in support of the band.  Before each set, they took turns introducing the The Shane Cooley Band.
Shane singing Positive Reinforcement Shane showing his skills on the electric guitar.
The Shane Cooley Band after the gig. Shane and his friends, Amy, Danni and Michelle.

Shane with Jack Mullican at The Boathouse Cafe in Urbanna, Virginia on January 10th.   Jack is the co-writer of the great song Try To Remember.  The Boathouse Cafe is a classy restaurant and the place for the upcoming talent show which Shane did well in the audition and made it through to the talent show!
Shane with Jack Mullican at the Boathouse Cafe.
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