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December 31st - Shane attended the First Night Celebration in Williamsburg, Virginia so that he could see friends, Marcy and Lou of the Orcracoke, North Carolina band - Coyote.   Numerous musicians and bands were performing throughout the area - singing out the old year and singing in the new!  
Coyote performs at the Williamsburg First Night Celebration on 12-31-04. Emily, Lou, Marcy, Alicia, Shane.

December 30th - Shane performed an acoustic show at theWilliam and Mary Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Merchants Square of Williamsburg, Virgina.   The entire 2 hour Up Close & Personal show was devoted to only Shane's original songs.   Crowd fav's were "She Woke Up", "Dark Cafe In Charleston", "Emerald Coast", "6 Months and 7.2 Eternities" and "Lawn Ornament".   Thanks to music manager, Rebecca for setting it up!   And thanks to the fans that came from Maryland and Virginia to show their support.   It was a fun time in the Coffee Cafe that was located on the upper level of the bookstore.  Wow - the last concert of 2004!
See you next year!
Shane and Alicia outside the bookstore. Shane with music manager, Rebecca and a delicious frozen Frapacinno.
 Shane Cooley.    Shane playing the Harmonica and Guitar. The sign refers to the Webmasters birthday...      Shane with Alicia and Jeff.
The upstairs cafe. The crowd enjoyed Shane's humor as well as his songs!
Shane with longtime friends, Dave and Trish. Dan, at his first Shane Cooley show.
A view from the upstairs cafe. The sitting and staging area of the Barnes and Noble BCokstore cafe.

December 21st - The Shane Cooley Band sends out Holiday Greetings to all their family, friends and fans. Thank you all for your support during 2004!
Have a Merry Christmas!
 Shane with his dog, Otis.  Jack with SCB mascot, Otis or Otie or Oddie...
 Jim smooching with the pooch.  Spider and Mr. OT.

December 1st - The Shane Cooley Band was extemely happy with the results of the WRAR Christmas Wishes Program and their own CD Drive - a total of 380 CD's were collected in November. WRAR Radio Station, 105.5 took from here and they handed the CDs out to needy children. Thanks to all who participated - all of our efforts were a success!
 Shane shown with the 380 CDs that were collected through the month of November.
 Shane with Danny, WRAR station owner, and Terry, WRAR station manager. Shane, on the air, with The Fun Bunch - Rich, Tom, Betty and John.  Shane was being interviewed after the results of the CD Drive.


November 20th - The Shane Cooley Band shook up Anna's Italian Restaurant and Lounge for the 6th time this year! And...they outdid themselves - this was their best performance yet! You guys ROCK! A whole lotta fans showed up and revealed their support by rockin' and clappin' and dancin' the night away. A special appearance was made by Shane's good friend, Kendall Ashton, and she debuted a cut off of her new CD, "Kendall Ashton". It was a great time for all that came to cheer the band on!
 The SCB played 4 sets from 9pm until 1am. Shane's friends, Winky, John, Ben and Danni.
 Jim and Shane with Lori, Mark, Susan and Lori. The crowd was pleased and really into the music.
 The ladies were out tonight! Kendall Ashton brought her own crowd which were also SCB fans!
 Kyle introduced his sister, Kendall to the awaiting crowd, while Shane looks on. Kendall Ashton sang her heart out and gave a great performance with the help of the band!
Shane singing at Anna's.    Looks like Shane has got a little styling going on while he is on his walkabout around the dance floor.    Shane playing hard on the electric guitar.
Jim and  Shane duel it out with their guitars.    <Shane playing to Jack on the drums.    Shane with his grandmother Willie and cousin Laurie.

November 19th - Shane went to watch The Hard Day's Night Band in Kilmarnock, Virginia. The band performs a Beatles tribute show and it was an awesome performance!
No, it's not The SCB, it's A Hard Day's Night Band.
Shane,Alicia and friends with the Hard Day's Nights Band. Robby Spires, the Lancaster High School Band Leader, with John from the band and Shane.  John is the artist of the poster he is holding.

Through November - The Shane Cooley Band is having a CD drive to help WRAR 105.5 Radio with their annual Christmas Wishes drive. Hundreds of children are granted their wishes by listeners filling up the Tappahannock radio statio halls and offices with gifts. Shane has set up boxes in local businesses and schools to collect new and used CDs that the radio station will give out to needy children. Shane will personally be donating CD players to the program.
The Shane Cooley Band is collecting new and used CDs for the WRAR Christmas Wishes program. Shane posing with the many boxes that he helped make and then set up in local businesses.  Remember to drop your CDs in the slots before the end of November - thanks!

November 6th - Shane with Cheryl Nystrom, lead singer of Acoustic Rock Duo, Mercy Creek. Cheryl stopped by before her gig at Cafe Mojo's in Urbanna. November 11th - Shane played several parts, including "Little Boy Blue", one of the "Three Blind Mice" and the spider from "Little Miss Muffett" in his high school play. The Rappahannock High School put on a clever production of Nursery Rhymes with appropriate morals for teens.
Shane with Cheryl Nystrom. Shane as a spider in the Rappahannock High School play wrapping an on-looker in his web.

November 6th - The Shane Cooley Band goes to The Urbanna Oyster Festival . This annual event attracks up to 75,000 people every year and with the weather so beautiful - the streets were jumping!   The band set up alongside The Boathouse Cafe with the crowded harbor to their right.   Only Shane's original songs were played and they filled 2 hours with fav's such as Human I Can Be, Affection, Day-Lily, Dark Cafe in Charleston, Emerald Coast, Backstabber, She Woke Up - #6, Positive Reinforcement, Diamond In The Rough and Voluptuous.
Shane is interviewed by Radio WRAR 105.5 DJ's, Tom Davis and Billy Flynn. Shane is interviewed by Rich Morgan of WRAR 105.5.  WRAR is the sponser of the Christmas Wishes Program and he interviewed Shane about the band's CD drive.
The Shane Cooley Band performing at The Urbanna Oyster Festival. Jim, Shane, Jack and Spider.
Shane showing his lead skills on the electric guitar. Jim showing his expertise on the bass guitar.  The band with a view of the harbor in the background.
Shane and Jim dueling out the music. Shane and Jim really got into the music and did an improptu dueling guitars to the delite of the audience! Shane and Jim - off the stage but on the money!
Musicians, Robbin Thompson and Wes Charlton caught up with Shane at the Oyster Festival. A thumbs up from musician and former Bruce Springstein bandmate, Robbin Thompson. Wes Charlton with Shane.  Wes also played at the Oyster Festival.  He and Shane first met when doing a radio interview in Urbanna.
Some members from another band dropped by and caught the show before their own performance. The merchandise table did well at the Festival!
This woman remembered Shane from a gig in North Carolina!       The woman on the right didn't want the band to stop and tried her best for an encore!  Wish we could of played longer - from the band.
Some new fans stopped for a photo while listen to the band. More fans that took the time to talk with the band after the show.  Thanks for your support!


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October 16th - The Shane Cooley Band made a road trip to Virginia Beach to play at The Abbey Road Pub.   The Fab Four were a hit for many that were hearing the band for the first time.   15 of the bands die-hard fans arrived from near and far (the average trip was 4 hours!) - there was "The Northern Neck" crowd, the "Rappahannock River Rescuers" from Ashburn, the Maryland "roadies" straight from the Terps game and Sarah, Alana and Justin from Radford University and Chris from Virginia Tech.   They all joined the crowded pub to join in the fun.   The lighting was awesome, the decor was all Beatle memorabilia and the stage was cozy and great for viewing Shane, Jim, Jack and Spider!   Thanks to everyone for their support!  More photos below and thanks to Justin Farthing for sending in some cool photos taken at the ABRP seen below.
The Fab Four or is it The Shane Cooley Band at The Abbey Road Pub. They did a great rendition of the Beatles REVOLUTION.
The band van unloading their equipment at Abbey Road. Shane and Alicia walking the crosswalk at The Abbey Road Pub.
Before the show, Shane and Alicia. Jim on bass, Shane on lead, Jack on drums, Spider on djembe.
Shane Cooley  Shane on harmonica.  Shane Cooley, singer, songwriter, musician.
Sarah, Chris, Dorene, Amy, Alana, Justin. Some of the group from Radford University and Virginia Tech.
Jim, Shane, Jack, Spider. Jack looking on while Shane does a solo.
Jack and Shane do a switch - Jack sings and Shane drums.  Jim singing Mustang Sally - and he does it so well!  Shane strumming his stuff.
Shane on electric guitar.  Shane on drums among the Beatle memorabilia.
More photos from Abbey Road, thanks to Justin Farthing.
Shane - Photo by Justin Farthing Shane - Photo by Justin Farthing
Shane and Jack - Photo by Justin Farthing Shane and Spider - Photo by Justin Farthing
Jack - Photo by Justin Farthing Shane - Photo by Justin Farthing

October 3rd - The Shane Cooley Band traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia to perform in the nationally recognized Occassion For The Arts festival that was held in Merchant Square right next to Colonial Williamsburg.   Despite their early 11am appearance, the crowd gathered to hear the orginal music of Virginia native, Shane Cooley and his band.  CDs were sold and autographs given!   The College of William and Mary Bookstore put the band's CLIMB CD in the local musicians section. Go check it out!
The Colonial Fife and Drum Band marched by just before the band started. Shane watches as The Fife and Drum Band marching by the stage.
Jim, Jack, Shane and Spider playing on the stage in Merchant Square.Fans watching The Shane Cooley Band.
Friends came by to catch the show.  Shane with Hoagie (Sean) and Tony G.

October 1st - Shane, Alicia and Tony V. at the Rappahannock High football game.
Tony is the Drum Major of the RHS Marching Band.
 Shane, Alicia and Tony V. at the Rappahannock High School  football game.


September 25th - The Shane Cooley Band truly rocked the waters of the Rappahannock River on the City of Fredericksburg PaddleWheel Boat for the evening Dinner-Dance cruise.   It was great to have the full band aboard, Shane, Jim, Spider and Jack, with about 115 fun-loving passengers.   Tables were full, on the top covered deck where the band was set up and it wasn't long before the dance floor was jumping!   A perfect fall night for the 3 hour cruise. Not only was the music great - but so was the food.   Alicia, Bobbi, Lori, Willie, Sarah, Amy, Dorene, Pat and Cindy send out Kudos and Thanks to Shane and the band for this "fan appreciation" cruise!
The city of Fredericksburg PaddleWheel Boat. Lori, Bobbi, Cindy and Pat ready to board for the three hour dinner cruise.
Some true fans going onboard.Amy and Sarah on the top deck of the PaddleWheeler.
Spider and Jack. The beautiful view from the top deck before the crowd arrives.
Shane and Alicia - lets shove off and rock this boat!     Shane - let the music begin.
The boat turns around from the dock to head down the river - look at the view! The Shane Cooley Band - Jim out of the photo - rockin' the boat.
Alicia, Bobbi, Lori and Willie. The dancing begins!  New fan Bob with Alicia and Bobbi.
Pat made some new friends and Shane got some new fans. The top deck of the boat.  They were dancing in the aisles!
Jack got up to sing one of the requested oldies. Jack, Shane, Sarah and Spider performing Southern Cross.  Sarah, now in college,  is Spider's daughter and used to sing with the band.
Singer, Songwriter Shane Cooley.     Bass Guitarist, Jim Gallon.     Spider Cole on the Djembe Drum.
Why do Jim, Jack and Spider look so amused?  What you don't see is Shane playing the electric guitar - with his teeth! Yikes. The dance floor was full of energetic and happy dancers! Bring it on Shane - yahoo!  Hey -  Play #6!

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September 11th - The Shane Cooley Band made their 6th appearance at Anna's Italian Restaurant and Lounge a patriotic one in remembrance of 9-11.   Shane brought back his song, "Live On U.S.A." in both an acoustic version as originally recorded and an updated electrified version - full of life.   Shane, Jack, Jim and Spider were at their best on this rock out night!  And they proved the summer never has to end!
"We'd like to thank all our friends for their support and we were thankful
we could spend the 3rd anniversary of 9-11 together." - Shane
Danni and Alicia proudly waving their flags on 9-11. Kendall (and sign) with her Dad and Bobbie and Cassie watching the band.
Shane and Jim dueling it out! The crowd at Anna's.
Abby and Chris, classmates of Shane's. Nancy and others during the Live On USA song tribute.
The Angolia's awaiting Waynes fav Shane song - Day-Lily. Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Brown.
Newly made Shane Cooley Band fans! Jack and Shane doing the ole switcharoo!  Jack is on the guitar and Shane on the drums with Jim on bass and Spider on the djembe.
Kendall helps the band with Thank U 4 It All! Alicia, Shane, Danni, Adam, Kendall and Kyle.  Can you find the hidden Mickey? It's Adam - heehee.
Shane giving his heartfelt patriotic speech. Spider - the signs say it all!


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August 28th - Shane, Jack and Spider finished off the Mini-Tour at Quagmires in Kill Devil Hills!   They performed on the deck overlooking the dunes out to the ocean.   This was Shane's second time at Quags and it was well worth the trip with the support he received!
Spider, Shane and Jack performing at Quagmires. Shane and Spider on the walkabout at Quags.  Check out the view of the ocean in the background.
Shane putting on a good show on the top deck at Quags under a full moon. Spider on his spiderlegs walkabout at Quags - walking up to the top deck.

August 27th - Shane, Jack and Spider continued the Mini-Tour to The Outer Banks of North Carolina !   They performed at The Jolly Roger , located directly on beautiful Silver Lake Harbor .   Could there be a more beautiful view while performing?...impossible.
The Shane Cooley Band on the ferry going to Ocracoke Island. Spider, Cindy, Amy, Jack, Pat and Dorene on the ferry.
Finally a pic of Shane's mom! Shane, Cindy and Alicia on the almost private beach at Ocracoke.
The sign in front of The Jolly Roger. Spider, Shane and Jack performing at The Jolly Roger on Ocracoke Island.

August 26th - Shane, Jack and Jim rocked out the fairgrounds in Warsaw at the Richmond County Fair!
Shane is interviewed on the fairgrounds by the New Bay 101.7. Linda, Alicia, Kendall with her sign, Kyle, and Abbey.
The Shane Cooley Band on stage. Wow!  Check out all the Shane Cooley fans with their Shane Cooley Band t-shirts on!
Bassist Jim Gallon and Shane rocking out the fairgrounds! Doing a switch - Jack is on guitar and Shane is on drums  You all rock!
Shane out on the fairgrounds - and playing his guitar on a walkabout.    Bassist Jim Gallon showing off his excellant skills!    Shane rocking with the electric guitar, doing his single, CLIMB.
Bradley and WD at the fair. Mr. and Mrs. Bassman!
Shane with Paul, Linda and a friend. Miss B. and Bobbi having fun at the show.
Fans include Pat, Nancy and Alicia. Shane on his walkabout with Miss B., Bobbi and Linda at the Richmond County Fair.

August 19th - Shane and Jack with families and friends attended the Beach Boys concert at Wolf Trap in Virginia!   After the concert, they met members of the band.
Shane and Alicia with Beach Boy - vocals and guitar - Scott Totten. Lori, Alicia, Shane, Beach Boy Randall Kirsch - vocals and guitar and Bobbi.
The Beach Boys with original, Mike Love, on-stage at Wolf Trap in Virginia.

August 18th - On the long way home from Ocean City ... Shane , Jack and Pat found time to go see the band, Boston, at Innsbrook After Dark a concert venue near Richmond.
Sarah, Jack and Shane with Boston. Sarah, Patricia, Shane and Spider with members of Boston.
Shane and Spider with the lead singer of Boston.

August 17th - Shane and Jack enjoyed their first gig in Ocean City, Maryland at the Caribbean Bar and Grille on 2nd Street and the Boardwalk.   New and very dedicated fans (aka Rappahannock River Rescuers) that traveled from the Leesburg, Virginia area showed their support throughout the show.   Jack's longtime friend, Perry, stopped in too! Shane and Jack received deserving applause for their late afternoon performance! The rain held off so the duo could rock under the many swaying palm trees outside of The Plim Plaza Hotel.  Once again, heads turned with Day-Lily, Cardboard Throne and She Woke Up to name a few!  Thanks to all my friends and family that made the trip!  You Rock! - Shane
Standing - Lori, Jeff, Miss B., Bobbi, Alicia, Shane, Jack. Sitting - Pat F., Pat Cooley and Cindy.
Shane - Welcome to Ocean City Maryland!. The Acoustic Shane Cooley Band.
The palm treed Caribbean Pool Bar and Grille. Out on the famous boardwalk the sign beckons thirsty beachcombers in.  Shane could also be heard from the Boardwalk.
Yahoo!  Go get em' Shane! Jack, Shane and Jack's longtime friend and OC Babies owner, Perry.

Shane at his home in Virginia.

August 20th

Happy 17th Birthday Shane!

From your family, friends and fans

Shane with his family celebrating at The Outback.

August 6th - Shane traveled to Steve Bassett's home in Virginia to begin the creative process on a song they had planned to co-write together.  It was a successful trip as they got the talents flowing and a song was begun.   Shane and Steve hope to get together soon to finish their song and get it on a CD. Shane and Steve Bassett. August 7th - Shane helped to celebrate his grandmother's 90th birthday at Conrad's Upper Deck Restaurant in Mollusk, Virginia.   Willie's birthday is July 31st.   Conratulations Willie! Shane with grandmom Willie.


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July 30th - Shane and Jack played a Friday night gig at the oceanfront Quagmires in The Outer Banks of North Carolina.   The duo (Spider and Jim were unable to make the trip due to other committments) had the best view in the house since they were facing the ocean as they sung to the packed house.  The two decks provided plenty of tables and seats for many vacationers and locals.   Shane's cousins from Maryland (and one from North Carolina) arrived with a huge group and they yelled out favorites and cover songs for Shane to sing providing a fun time for all.   Shane is looking forward to August 28th, when they will be back at "Quags".  Once again, Shane made an impression on some new faces and his following is growing!   "Thanks to all of those that came out and caught the show and thanks to my new fans for your interest!" - Shane
Shane with cousins, beautiful Erin, B.T. and Greg and friend, Nate.
Shane and Jack performing at Quagmires in The Outer Banks. The beautiful view at Quags.
Shane singing out on the deck. The Shane Cooley Band of 2.
Coming down from the top deck, Shane on a walkabout with his guitar. Shane had their attention all right!
Shane and Jack with one of their new fans. Some of the local Carolina boys.
Shane with cousins and their friends at Quagmires.

July 20th - Shane played a private concert for the Carratoman Senior Citizens at the Lively Rec Center in Virginia.  Shane had fun with the group and they were very appreciative of Shane and his songs!
Shane with Helen, Margaret, Hilda, Kendall and Lucy.

July 14th - Shane was honored to make an appearance with his favorite Florida band, Acoustix.   He was surprised that he was able to sing on stage with them at the awesome Treasure Ship in Panama City Beach, a fantastic multi-level restaurant/lounge/attraction.   The duo, Dallas on guitar and Brian on bass, were super nice especially when they kept yelling, "sing another one Shane".   To top it off, the three of them sang one of Shane's favorites, Southern Cross.   Shane and family had been coming to the Treasure Ship since Shane was a 6 year old Pirate and Acoustix has been there performing their great sets every time.   Most years, Shane ran up with requests from his father, Jack, and handed them to the band members.  "Thanks guys, I really appreciated being able to sing at The Treasure Ship!"
Shane with Acoustix at The Treasure Ship in Panama City Beach, Florida.
Shane singing Southern Cross with Brian and Dallas. Dallas and Brian aka Acoustix. Shane singing on stage in Florida.
Jack and Pat watching at The Treasure Ship. Shane found a way to Climb while on The Treasure Ship.
During his vacation in Panama City Beach , Shane got inspired and started writing songs on his last evening on the beach.   Four songs later, he came off the beach - happy.   Listen for, Emerald Coast, one of the songs written about the Panhandle area of Florida known as the emerald coast.
In Panama City Beach, Florida, Shane felt the creative force come over him and went to the beach to write.   I've got songs just flowing out of me!.   Back from the beach - Want to hear my new songs?!!.

July 10th - The Shane Cooley Band takes on Anna's Lounge inWarsaw for a 5th time!   Shane put on a real "show" and everyone there had a great time.   Shane and Spider became roving musicians with their cordless guitar and djembe and they had fun with the crowd or maybe the crowd had fun with them!   Spider is becoming known for his great spider legs!   It was a night for some new fans too!   The Rappahannock River Rescuers stayed for the entire 4 set gig and Grandma even stood up and danced to Shane's cool music.   More fans from Maryland showed up and rooted on their fav singer.   There were several energetic dancers that whooped it up throughout the night and gave a big thumbs up to Shane's original songs, Day-Lily being a fav of Wayne's!   It was truly a summer blast!
Wild Women from Maryland on their way to  the show. Shane, Jack (sporting a mustache) and Spider.
Shane gets a little help from energetic dancer #1.
Spider danced it up and showed off those great Spider legs to the amusement of Shane!   Shane played it cool and sang out his heart.   Jim doing his thing on the bass.
Spider and Jack   Shane's friends, Danni and Amy, with Danni's artwork to Shane's song, She Woke Up.   Spider gets a dance from a friend.
Shane and Spider LEAVE during their last song of the night.  They walked around outside of the restaurant while still playing, Thank U 4 It All, and emerged to a cheering crowd!

July 9th - Shane went to see friend, Robbin Thompson perform in Deltaville, Virginia.   Robbin took the time to listen to Shane's new CD, Climb, and he thought it showed an improvement in skill, voice and sound quality.   Alright!  And there is alot more to come!
Shane with Robbin Thompson and Alicia.

July 2nd - Shane and new friend, Alicia Key - yeah, that's right - heard that name before?   Ha.
Alicia and her mom came to Shane's rescue last week when his jet ski broke down in the Rappahannock River!   Luckily they came by because Shane was without an oar to paddle in with.   Alicia was enthused about Climb and has become a fan.    Cool!
Shane and Alicia Key - rescuer.
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and may not be used without permission.
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